[UPDATE] Jonas Brothers & Karmin at Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion


Pop music is synonymous with screaming girls, a young audience, and music that will make you want to dance no matter how hard you fight it.

Catching the Jonas Brothers in concert checks off all three things on that list, but there’s still something about the group that feels less like pop music and more like a rock band with a penchant for writing catchy songs.

That, or maybe the hiatus that the group took for the last three years helped shape a new direction. At least that’s the way it felt while watching their opening acts.
The evening began when Karmin –singer/rapper Amy Heidemann and keyboardist/singer Nick Noonan — took the stage, boasting their genre of “swag-pop” to an audience that was more than willing to listen. On tour, the group utilizes the help of a backing band to help fill out a sound that is often as loud and in-your-face as the lyrics they write, which will be featured on their upcoming debut full-length, Pulses.

What was most enjoyable was to see Heidemann bring her A game to the same stage that she shared with all men (the only exception being a backing singer for Jonas Brothers). But not only did it show that she could hold her own as the only female musician on a tour full of men, it also gave the audience (mainly younger girls) a chance to see a woman marching to the beat of her own drum.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Heidemann has a set of pipes that can rival Warped Tour-era Katy Perry, with the energy of Paramore’s Haley Williams and looks that could kill. And of course, she can rap her ass off.

What was interesting about Karmin, however, is that at times, their sound teetered on the edge of rock — the kind of rock that could make or break a kid’s love for the genre. Somehow, the group found a place in the center of writing pop hits, hip-hop beats and rock music that was tolerable enough for parents, yet still made kids want to dance and have a good time.

But Karmin wasn’t the only artist brought on tour to get the fans dancing. In between sets, Mike Tompkins, an a capella DJ, covered hits from Daft Punk’s “Harder Better Faster Stronger” to Macklemore’s “Can’t Hold Us.”

And though he was entertaining both musically and visually, it would have been interesting to hear some original material from Tompkins, who made all of his beats live using only his mouth, before singing over the loops. And to be honest, he wasn’t half-bad.

If you would have asked me four years ago if I thought the Jonas Brothers would be touring with two bands that mainly feature hip-hop-injected pop music, I would have said hell no. But even Miley Cyrus’ musical tastes have matured, and these artists are finally finding influence from outside their Disney bubble.

Even so, they’re still driving the pre-teens crazy.

As the lights dimmed down, the William Tell Overture came over the speakers, creating what felt like controlled chaos in the bowl. Girls began rushing toward the aisles as the crowd let out a collective shriek that nearly drowned out all other sound. And just when it seemed like the Jonas Brothers were teasing their fans, Nick Jonas appeared on stage playing guitar, as his brothers Joe and Kevin made their way down either of the two main aisles.

Source – Houston Press

[UPDATE] Concert Review: Jonas Brothers @ Westlake


In the grand pantheon of teen pop sensations, a long and largely forgettable list of 15-minute flashes, the Jonas Brothers always seemed slightly to the left of the pack. Sure, they rode the same wave that turns pubescent girls’ hearts to mush. But there’s always been more at work here. There is genuine potential, talent even, that deserves rediscovering particularly now that Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas are on the other side of the heyday.

The trio’s last studio album, 2009?s Lines, Vines and Trying Times, sold markedly less than its predecessors 2007?s Jonas Brothers and 2008?s A Little Bit Longer. Solo offerings from Nick (2010?s Who I Am) and Joe (2011?s Fastlife) didn’t fare any better. The brothers’ three-year hiatus from the stateside concert stage cost them fans. This is a group that once filled Cowboys Stadium. Tuesday night’s show at Gexa Energy Pavilion drew 4,900 admirers.

That’s a shame because the tunes I’ve heard so far from the JoBros’ upcoming studio disc, V, represent some of their best work. “First Time,” which opened the concert, has a swirling, nocturnal, adult vibe. “Pom Poms” is all catchy chorus and stomping beat, while “Found” is a slinky, mid-tempo pop number. “The World” has a techno-trippy synthesized loop that accentuates a groovy hook. “Let’s Go” is all propulsive teen pop with rapping attitude. “What Do I Mean to You” unleashes a rock edge that I’ve never witnessed on a Jonas Brothers cut.

All of these songs were produced by Nick, who is clearly the group’s overachieving musical dynamo. But the three Jonas siblings have been writing their own material since the 2006 debut It’s About Time. On the two follow-up albums they dispensed with most of the outside co-writers and crafted the tunes themselves. It’s still pretty powerful to hear Nick Jonas sing “A Little Bit Longer,” a song about his struggles with Type 1 Diabetes, while sitting at the piano. Teflon teen pop sensations don’t compose songs about the lifelong disease that caught them at the tender age of 13.

Even the Jonas Brothers’ band on that Gexa stage Tuesday night was hefty. Seven members, including a saxophonist, background vocalist and keyboardist, kept the sound full and authentic. This wasn’t mere computerized gadgetry thinly supported by guitar, bass and drums. Nick, who was born in Dallas, took to the six strings, the drums and the piano. Joe Jonas, the pin-up of the family, acknowledged that “it’s nice to be back to the place we call home,” referencing the brothers’ house in Westlake.

For the hysterical female fans standing around me, this homecoming couldn’t have arrived any sooner. The ballad “When You Look Me In the Eyes,” the teen pop anthem “Burnin’ Up,” and the bouncy ditty “That’s Just the Way We Roll” elicited all matter of screaming, singing, crying and jumping. When Joe Jonas made his grand entrance by walking down the aisle next to our section I truly thought one teen girl in particular was going to need oxygen.

But when all of that goes away, and it will soon enough, I hope somebody, anybody, notices that Nick, 20, Joe, 23, and Kevin, 25, have musical substance to share. It would be disappointing to see them become yet another teen pop footnote.

Source – Dallas News

[UPDATE] Kevin and Danielle Jonas Share Baby’s Sonogram



All together now … awwww!

Mommy-to-be Danielle Jonas shared the sonogram of her unborn baby with hubby Kevin Jonas with the world on Tuesday.

“I can’t believe this is ours @kevinjonas and I are so blessed,” wrote Dani as the caption. “Look at that cute nose !!!”

Kevin and Dani have yet to share if they’re having a boy or a girl, but the daddy-to-be did tell On Air with Ryan Seacrest that he and his pregnant wife were considering fans’ names.

Kevin Jonas Won’t Keep Anything About Dani’s Pregnancy a Secret

“Actually in a meet and greet if someone’s name sticks out, I like text it to Dani after the meet and greet [like] ‘What about this one?!’” the guitarist explained. “So we’re getting ideas.”

What do you think … can you tell if that little nose belongs to a boy or a girl?

Source – Ryan Seacrest

Source – Ryan Seacrest

[UPDATE/VIDEO] A few minutes with the Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Brothers rocked fans at the Gexa Energy Pavillion in Dallas on Tuesday night.

Before they stepped on stage, we sat down with the talented Westlake trio.

“We do have our moments, but I think being in a band together we also have a different kind of respect for each other, and we have a working relationship beyond even just the brothers,” Kevin Jonas said. “It’s nice having this time together again and being back and making music.”

So how do these young stars deal with all of their enthusiastic young fans?

“They are so supportive, and they show their love vocally, and sometimes they try to grab us,” Joe Jonas said. “But it’s cool to see them growing up with us as well.”

We asked Nick Jonas about that shirtless Instagram photo that has social media on overdrive.

“I think the Instagram picture was something I did more as a means of inspiration for fellow diabetics,” he said. “It kinda took on a little bit of a life of its own that I didn’t fully expect.”

The Jonas Brothers will be back in Dallas on August 15 to take part in the Concert for Kidd’s Kids at the House of Blues, an event that has taken on additional significance since the untimely death of the charity’s namesake, radio personality Kidd Kraddick.

Source – WFAA

[UPDATE] Jonas Brothers confirm UK ‘First Time’ release


Jonas Brothers have announced that they will release ‘First Time’ as a single in the UK later this year.

The pop group have already released the song in their native US as they create buzz ahead of their fifth album ‘V’.

Kevin, Nick and Joe will unleash ‘First Time’ in the UK on September 23 as their fans across the pond get a piece of the action.

The trio’s highest charting single in the UK so far is 2007’s ‘SOS’, which hit No.13 upon release.

Their last UK single ‘L.A. Baby (Where Dreams Are Made Of)’, however, only managed to reach No.175 when it was released in 2010.

Source – Press Party

[UPDATE] Joe Jonas shows posts his own shirtless photo


His brother Nick Jonas hit the headlines – and won a whole new array of female fans – after posing a shirtless photograph showing off his buff body last week.
Not to be outdone, Nick’s older sibling Joe, 23, posted his own shirtless photo on Instagram on Monday.
Looking rather muscly, Joe maximised the cute factor by holding a white puppy.
And Joe and his look-alike pooch both had their large, bulging brown eyes cast downward.
The uncaptioned dog photo that Joe shared with his more than six million Twitter followers was perhaps his attempt to match younger brother Nick’s recent shirtless shot.
Joe also looked like he’s been hitting the gym lately as his photo showed off massive neck muscles and well defined upper arms.
His physique, however, may pale a bit to 20-year-old Nick, who shared an Instagram photo last week showing a ripped upper body with washboard abs and well toned muscles. The youngest member of the Jonas Brothers had his right hand tucked behind his head to help display his bulging biceps.
Joe enjoyed the spotlight on Friday during a concert in West Palm Beach, Florida and pranced around onstage while Nick was working the guitar.
The brothers are all excited about eldest brother Kevin, 25, and his wife Danielle expecting a baby early next year. Danielle on Tuesday shared a sonogram on Instagram showing the growing baby.
‘[We’re] very excited. I think this is a good time for adding a new member of the family,’ Joe told US Weekly last month at Z100’s Clear Channel radio studios in New York City.
‘You just talk about it, but when we’re actually able to hold that baby, our niece or nephew, that will be exciting,’ he added.

Source – Daily Mail UK

[UPDATE] Jonas Brothers: burnin’ up San Diego


You’ve seen Kevin Jonas on reality TV with his E! show, “Married to Jonas.”

You saw Joe Jonas stretch out as a solo act with his album “Fastlife.”

And Nick Jonas, the first of the trio to go solo with his band The Administration in 2010, has been everywhere from Broadway to television.

But whatever happened to the Jonas Brothers, the three-member group that gained worldwide success after its hit Disney television movie “Camp Rock” and made being a boy band cool for the first time since ’N Sync?

Well, now in their 20s, the brothers have cut ties with their record label and have somehow managed not to fly off the handle as so many Disney-bred teens have done in trying to set themselves apart from everybody else. They’re label-less and out on their own, with the self-produced album “V” in the works and a tour that will stop in San Diego on Wednesday, Aug. 14, at Viejas Arena.

Let’s catch up with the Jonas Brothers, shall we?

Nick Jonas and the selfie seen around the world

Hellooooooo, Nick! Whether you think the shirtless photo the youngest Jonas posted on Instagram last month is a ploy for attention or a generous gift from the boy band gods, there’s no denying that Nick has never looked hotter. Even Neil Patrick Harris took notice. “The more shirtless selfies @NickJonas posts, the better my day gets,” Harris tweeted in response.


Forget the Kardashian-West baby, or even the royal baby. There’s a new baby watch happening, and it’s for the future offspring of Kevin Jonas and his wife of four years, Danielle. Just look up the Twitter hashtag #babyjonas and witness all the excitement yourself. The future Jonas heir or heiress even has its own parody accounts on Twitter, such as @BabyJonasProbs and @lilbabyjonas.

Their sexy new single: “First Time”

The group dropped a single for its upcoming album in July, and it has a “we’re grown up but we still have morals” feel to it. The accompanying music video looks as if it could be a deleted scene from “The Hangover,” with the band partying it up in Las Vegas — but in its own Jonas Brothers way — with a few drinks and a few girls, but nothing that Bradley Cooper or Zach Galifianakis would be too jealous of.

The wise old sages of teen pop

Now spanning in age from 20 to 25, the Jonas Brothers feel they have some advice to offer younger male pop stars who might be following in their footsteps. And considering the Jonases haven’t really had any major breakdowns or tabloid moments like others before them, they might be worth listening to. To the troubled pop prince Justin Bieber, Nick Jonas said in a recent interview that he just needs to step back and go through a “period of growth” like the Jonas Brothers did.

Source –  UT San Diego

[UPDATE] Jonas Brothers rock the Cruzan Amphitheater like the first time


After a three-year break, the all-grown-up Jonas Brothers returned to the stage at the Cruzan Amphitheater in West Palm Beach on Aug. 2.

Their international tour, called “Like The First Time,” brought together an audience of brand-new fans and longtime devotees who have been patiently waiting for the Jonas reunion.

The show kicked off with the YouTube famous DJ Mike Tompkins, who impressed the crowd, adding a unique twist to popular songs by mixing in beats and drops purely with his vocals.

By the end of his performance, the crowd was pumped and ready for the brothers to take the stage.

In honor of the diversity in the crowd, the night’s set list included throwbacks such as “When You Look Me In The Eyes,” covers of songs such as “Thinking ’bout you” and new Jonas Brothers singles like “Pom Poms.”

A reflection of their three years of solo work was included with a performance by Joe Jonas singing his single “See No More” and a funky track off the Nick Jonas and the Administration album.

A highlight of the night was the presentation of their new song, “What Do I Mean To You?” The heavy drum-and-bass-filled performance created a contrast to the typical Jonas alternative pop music and reinforced the idea of grown-up Jonas Brothers.

As a result of the fans chanting for more, the night ended with an encore performance the Jonas classics “SOS” and “Lovebug.”

Overall, the night was an energized spectacle that provided a new experience for fresh Jonatics and a trip down nostalgia road for the older fans, who were able to relive their love for the brothers like the first time.

Source – Sun-sentinel.com

[VIDEOS] Jonas Brothers sing “Australia” at soundcheck + concert videos

The boys sang Australia at the concert soundcheck in Tampa, Florida. They’ve been singing Australia a lot lately during soundcheck, and have been mentioning Australia during interviews, so hopefully we’ll get a tour? Anyway, check out the other videos below for the boys singing!

The credit to the videos go to whoever recorded them at the time! I do not own these videos.

[UPDATE/PHOTOS] Jonas Brothers: Palm Beach Radio Stop


The Jonas Brothers wave to the cameras while arriving at a radio station on Friday afternoon (August 1) in Palm Beach, Fla.

The guys — Nick, Joe and Kevin — stopped by to chat about their upcoming album, tour and more.

“I think the hardest thing about getting back on the road, to be honest, each of us outside of what we do together have our own world now, which I don’t think was the case three or four years ago when we were touring and all of that,” Nick recently shared with JJJ.

He added, “So we’ve spent significant time the past couple of years building that world up and sort of building our circles of friends and our homes. I know I value now sleeping in my own bed way more than I did in the past. I think that’s just something that happens over time when you sort of set up your home. So being away from home can be tough. Luckily we get to be with our family, so that’s not so much the issue, but more just being in your own space. That’s hard to get used to. But it’s all good, we love what we do and we love being in front of our fans.”

Source – Just Jared Jr

I’ve added 24 HQ photos of the boys while stopping at the Palm Beach radio station.


– Candids > 2013 > 1/08 – WiLD 95.5, FL 1/8

[UPDATE/PHOTOS] Jonas Brothers: Private Concert in Rockville


The Jonas Brothers sing a couple of songs for a special concert with Hot 95.5 on Monday afternoon (July 29) in Rockville, Maryland.

The brothers — Nick, Joe and Kevin — performed for some special fans and snapped some pictures with them after the intimate concert.

“Right now were listening to the Final mastered album #V its here,” Kevin tweeted afterwards. We can’t wait to hear it!

V is due out in stores and on digital retailers later this year.

Source – Just Jared Jr


I’ve added 16 HQ photos of the boys at there private concert in Rockville.


– Appearances > 2013 > 29 July – HOT 99.5 in Rockville, Maryland

[GALLERY UPDATE] MTJ, The Next, Backstage @ Jingle Ball, Danielle for Jovani & More

– Photoshoots – 2012 ; Backstage at the Jingle Ball

– Photoshoots – 2012 ; Jingleball 2012

– Photoshoots – 2012 ; The Next Promoshoot

The other photoshoots are down below in the links. (I couldn’t be bothered putting all of the thumbnails in)

Married to Jonas Promoshoot
Unknown – Peggy Sirota
Danielle Jonas – Jovani

JBs Talk New Music & Tour with JJJ!


Just Jared Jr.: So where did the concept for the “First Time” video come from?

Joe Jonas: It was originally a bigger budget video that we had a concept for, and then the song accidentally leaked. So we had to find a way to film a video in a three-day span and try to beat the big push of the song. So we called all of our friends from west coast to east coast, and it was kind of our idea along with a younger group of guys that are doing some directing and cinematography stuff. We got together and just came up with this concept and flew all of our friends into Vegas and just hung out for a weekend. Obviously there was staged stuff so it wasn’t just us partying or anything like that, but it came out way better than we expected because we were just having so much fun.

JJJ: Tell us what makes V different from your previous albums?

Nick Jonas: I think the biggest difference in this new album is the fact that it started with us and it finishes with us as well as far as how we release it. We are our own label, we’re in control of our destiny, and it gives a lot of freedom on the creative side. But also, with how we release it, and what we can do there to have a better connection with the fans. To use this new age to release the music and it’s been great so far. And once we dive into the different sound of the record, I think that a lot of different inspirations over the three and a half, four years that we took off, and we kind of all brought our own inspirations and influences to this, it made it very different.

JJJ: Any idea what the next single will be?

Kevin Jonas: We have ideas, but we’re just really focused on “First Time” right now. But we’re playing a lot of the new songs on the tour, and we’re starting to feel what may or may not be the next one.

JJJ: Do each of you have a favorite from the new songs to perform?

Joe: There’s a song called “What Do I Mean to You” that we’ve been playing, it’s a little bit more of a rock song with a kind of dub-step influence. Or as Nick says, post-traumatic stress…

Nick: Post-traumatic dub-step.

Kevin: Dub-stress!

Nick: I think I’ve got a different song every week that becomes my favorite. “What Do I Mean to You” that’s one of them, a song called “Sandbox” is another one that I love. It really just kind of depends where my head’s at that week and I go for it.

Kevin: For me there’s one called “The World” that I really love. It’s really fun, we play it live. We’re gonna play it tonight!

JJJ: What’s the best part about being back on the road again?

Kevin: Just being able to be in front of the fans again and being able to interact and being able to make the music live. We worked so hard in the studio for the last year, year and a half, so to be able to be on stage performing those songs that we worked so hard for and seeing the response has just been incredible.

JJJ: Is interacting with fans different now as opposed to three years ago?

Nick: Completely.

Joe: Yeah. I think the biggest difference is that they’re a lot older, and it’s cool to see fans in every city. Not any city in particular, but the first twenty rows that we can see clearly, cause everything else is kind of difficult to see, but the majority of the fans have like beers in their hands or drinks. It’s nice to see that they are aging up with us, our core audience that has been supportive throughout time. But also we’re even asking people, ‘Is this your first Jonas show ever?’ and the majority of the crowd raises their hand. It’s nice to see that it’s not just a recycled group of fans, it’s new fans that are also coming to our shows. At this stage in our career that’s really great to feel.

JJJ: What’s the hardest thing about getting back on the road after so long?

Nick: I think the hardest thing about getting back on the road, to be honest, each of us outside of what we do together have our own world now, which I don’t think was the case three or four years ago when we were touring and all of that. So we’ve spent significant time the past couple of years building that world up and sort of building our circles of friends and our homes. I know I value now sleeping in my own bed way more than I did in the past. I think that’s just something that happens over time when you sort of set up your home. So being away from home can be tough. Luckily we get to be with our family, so that’s not so much the issue, but more just being in your own space. That’s hard to get used to. But it’s all good, we love what we do and we love being in front of our fans.

JJJ: What’s the best advice you could give a young artist trying to make it in the industry today?

Nick: Two things: I think the first is, it is true that practice makes perfect. It’s not even so much practice that you’re thinking about, where you say I’m gonna take an hour out of my day every day to work on my instrument. It’s more about, you know, finding ways to just grow and be better that are actually inspiring and fun for you. And surrounding yourself with people that are more talented than you so you can try to pull from them. I think the other part of it is that the minute you see a little bit of a success or something good happen, don’t believe your own hype. It’s way easy to get in your own head and think more of yourself than you should. It’s just good to keep it low-key.

Source – Just Jared Jr