[UPDATE] Jonas Brothers at Rock n Jock Broomball game

Gosselin was on a post-game high, having done a meet-and-greet with the Jonas Brothers and discovering that Nick, her favorite, had remembered her from a concert a few days ago. As she told her mother the story she was practically hyperventilating. “She’d watch [Nick Jonas] pick up garbage,” her mother, Dawne Gosselin, 45, said with a sly smile. “And I’d drive her.”
Jessica Orsi, 26, of Brooklyn, NY was in a similar state of excitement and with good reasons. She had achieved a childhood dream.
Throughout the game, Orsi had been holding up a sign saying “Donnie kiss me! It’s my birthday!” At the end, the New Kids on the Block singer did just that and gave her a smooch through the rink glass.
“Best birthday present ever,” Orsi said. “We go to all their concerts and we always try to get as close as can – but this!”
“It was like, I don’t know. I love him! I just wish it was on the actual lips,” she said.
Orsi, Gosselin, Miller and Dempsey weren’t the only ones geeking out about the bands – the entire Giant Center was filled with people giggling, shouting and screaming.
“It’s that fangirl mentality,” said Hauer. “This is their dream…. there’s so much energy when you put these fans up close to these artists, it’s incredible.”
“I feel bad for those six guys who showed up with their ladies.”
Hauer, as emcee, got to spend time up close and personal with the bands. According to him, they all were having a genuinely good time playing broomball.
“They were like kids again,” he said. “They were really having fun.”
Mixtape Festival continues today – July 27 – at Hersheypark Stadium. Doors open at 3:30 p.m. Both Jonas Brothers and New Kids on the Block will be performing tonight, Hanson performed on July 26.

Source: Pennlive.com (Read the full article at source)


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