Kingdom officially ending after third season

Kingdom officially ending after third season

 Kingdom fans have 10 more episodes to say goodbye to Navy St. EW has learned exclusively that the upcoming third season will be the show’s last.

The drama, which premiered on DirecTV in 2014, stars Frank Grillo, Jonathan Tucker, Matt Lauria, Nick Jonas, Kiele Sanchez, and Joanna Going in a story about a group of MMA fighters in Venice, California. The show garnered critical acclaim after its premiere, quickly earning a second season and a faithful following. In July of 2016, it was picked up for its 10-episode third season, which will bring Kingdom to a close.

AT&T Audience Network and Endemol Shine Studios released a joint statement:

We are looking forward to the upcoming third and final season of Kingdom, which premieres on May 31 at 8 p.m. on AT&T Audience Network. We expect season three to be a great one and appreciate the hard work and dedication from creator and showrunner Byron Balasco, as well as the entire cast and crew. We could not be more proud to have worked with all of them on such an amazing series.”

Kingdom‘s third and final season premieres Wednesday, May 31 at 8 p.m. ET on AT&T’s Audience Network, AT&T U-verse, and the new streaming service DIRECTV NOW.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Nick on the set of ‘Kingdom’ in Los Angeles, California – 18th January

Nick was seen on the set of ‘Kingdom’ in Los Angeles, California on the 18th of January. I’ve added 17 HQ photos of him to our gallery. Don’t forget to check them out below:

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UPDATE: Nick Jonas ‘Honored’ to Play Gay Character on ‘Scream Queens’


With Nick Jonas‘ new role on Scream Queens, it marks the second time in as many years that Jonas has appeared playing a gay character on television.

Of course Jonas’ role of Boone on the Fox horror comedy, which premiered on Fox Thursday night, is a bit less serious than in the MMA fighting drama Kingdom. But that hasn’t stopped Jonas and others from drawing parallels between the roles.

The pop star told ET, “I’ve been so honored to get to play some really strong gay characters … and whatever I can do for the community is just a blessing to me.”

Jonas also teased the show and his role, saying, “For Boone in particular and this show as a whole, everything is not as it seems. So I would say get ready to get surprised by a lot of different things.”

And when asked which of his TV roles includes the most tops-off acting, he had a hard time choosing.

“I think it might be Scream Queens,” the singer said. “There’s a scene or two that I’m shirtless in, but in Kingdom I play a fighter too, so there is a lot. It’s a lot, it’s a lot of shirtlessness.”

Source: Entertainment Weekly

UPDATE: Nick Jonas talks ‘Kingdom’ gay sex scenes: ‘It’s going to go there’


The season 1 finale of the US boxing drama might have left our mouths hanging after Nick Jonas’s character Nate Kulina was seen being turned away from a gay bar before receiving oral sex from a man, but Nick’s teased that there’s a lot more to come in season 2.

Appearing at an Outfest Q&A for the show over the weekend (July 12), the Jealous singer promised he was willing to do whatever the script required of him as Nate’s storyline progresses.

Asked if Nate will have full-on gay sex scenes in upcoming episodes, which are currently being filmed, series creator Byron Balasco teased: “A man has needs. It’s a deep internal struggle and it’s very difficult for this character.”

And Jonas added that he had no qualms about it.

“He’s not really okay with what’s happening at the moment… it’s going to go there I’m sure,” the 22 year-old said of Nate’s man-on-man scenes.

“It’s an incredibly important story on all levels – acceptance isn’t the first word in this (fighting) world. I’m willing to go on the journey wherever it takes me… I’m committed.”

Scenes even better than this you say? We’re setting our Sky+ recorder as we speak.

Kingdom was renewed by Direct TV last year for a 20-episode second season, with 10 episodes set to air in the autumn and the remaining 10 to air in 2016.

Meanwhile, we recently had an in-depth chat with Nick himself ahead of the UK release of his self-titled debut album this week (July 17), in which he opened up about his gay fan base and we tried our best to keep it together – click here to read our interview in full.

If you fancy even more more from Nick – and lets face it, of course you do – you can take a behind the scenes look at his hot cover shoot for the December issue of Attitude here, and can also check him out in the buff in his latest film Careful What You Wish For.

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UPDATE: Nick Jonas speaks about his gay character on Kingdom at LA’s Outfest Film Festival


Nick Jonas has created so much goodwill with the gay community that instead of asking questions during a Q&A at LA’s Outfest on Sunday night, many attendees merely thanked him for his highly-visible support.

‘I’m honored,’ Jonas told one gushing attendee. ‘It’s a joy for me to be able to be in the position that I’m in … to be able to talk about these things.’

Not only has Jonas promoted his latest album heavily to gay audiences, he’s also spoken out for same-sex marriage and against anti-LGBTI bullying.

Then there is his role as martial arts fighter Nate Kulina on Direct TV’s Kingdom. Viewers found out at the end of season one that Nate is struggling with being gay – something he no doubt wants to keep secret from this family of fighters.

Attendees were shown clips from season one then exclusive scenes from the upcoming season 2 which will premiere this fall.

Jonas appeared with the show’s creator, executive producer and writer Byron Balasco who said there was hesitancy to cast Jonas initially because of his boy band and Disney Channel past. But the young actor won the part by nailing the audition.

Balasco was asked if Nate will have sex scenes in upcoming episodes and he would only say: ‘A man has needs. It’s a deep internal struggle and it’s very difficult for this character.’

While they weren’t immediately sold on casting Jonas, Balasco said there was ‘absolutely no pushback whatsoever’ from Direct TV about the gay character.

‘I think people are embracing this storyline and this character,’ he said.

Nate received oral sex from another man in the season finale and Jonas said he’s game for whatever the scripts call for.

‘He’s not really okay with what’s happening at the moment … it’s going to go there I’m sure,’ Jonas said of the physical intimacy.

He added: ‘It’s an incredibly important story on all levels – acceptance isn’t the first word in this (fighting) world. I’m willing to go on the journey wherever it takes me … I’m committed.’

Source: Gay Star News



Nick Jonas puts blood, sweat and tears into breakthrough role.

If a pilot is meant to give an indication of what’s to come, then, quite simply, Kingdom is a hard-hitting, gritty and complex series definitely worthy of your time. Could this be a new favourite? It certainly looks the way.

Things kick off with us following Alvey (Frank Grillo) on a morning run. He’s a former MMA legend and now trains up-and-coming fighters in his gym.

After a run-in with two less-than-desirable characters, who he leaves out cold on the sidewalk, it’s the perfect start to the show. Welcome to Kingdom.

At his gym, which Alvey runs with his girlfriend Lisa (the gorgeous Kiele Sanchez), we first meet his sons Jay (Jonathan Tucker) and Nate (Nick Jonas).

The scenes are filled with aggression and tension.

Nate has a big fight coming up, a real test. He’s living in the shadow of his dad and that of his older brother Jay.

Jay was a previously promising fighter, but has since gone off the rails.

And the impending arrival of Avery girlfriend’s Lisa’s fiancé Ryan (Matt Lauria) brings added tension to proceedings.

Ryan is a former UFC fighter who’s being released from jail. He doesn’t want to fight, but Alvey needs the previously big draw card Ryan to make him relevant once more and to help pay the gym’s struggling debt.

But really, everything is a backdrop to Nate’s big fight. The softly spoken, fiercely dedicated fighter has his eyes on the prize.

As Alvey and Jay support Nate is in fight by being his corner, after three rounds of a brutal contest we see that the young Nate is a fighter on the rise.

That is until a day later when Nate is run over and brutally beaten by the thugs his dad laid out at the start of the episode. And that twist in the fairytale is another reminder that Kingdom isn’t playing by the numbers.

It’s confronting, aggressive and compelling. And, in Nick Jonas, the show has an underdog – both on and off the screen – that’s ready to shine.

Source: TV Week

UPDATE: Why Nick Jonas Is Proud To Play Gay


All season long on DirecTV’s MMA drama Kingdom, something has been eating away at up-and-coming fighter Nate Kulina (Nick Jonas), something that kept him at arm’s length from nearly everyone in his life. Then, in the season finale, everything finally came to light: Nate is gay.

While it had been hinted in Kingdom’s debut season, the Dec. 10 finale threw the doors to Nate’s glass closet wide open after he was rejected from a gay bar and drunkenly found solace in the arms (well, mouth) of another man.

The reveal may have surprised viewers, but the actor has known about Nate’s sexuality since Day 1. “Byron [Balasco, Kingdom creator] told me before shooting began,” Jonas told BuzzFeed News exclusively during a recent phone interview. “Everyone at Kingdom was really transparent about the character and some of the things the character would go through. And in my prep work, I wanted to be aware so I could properly tell this story.”

“For me, it was important to maintain the stakes for Nate,” the 22-year-old actor and singer continued. “He lives in a world of fear — fear of disappointing his father, both in the cage and outside of the cage — and he carries that pressure with him in so many ways. I think it’s something a lot of people can relate to.”

For Balasco, having a gay character in the MMA world was particularly important. “I wanted to tell this story in an environment that would be, perhaps, extra challenging for a gay man,” the Kingdom creator told BuzzFeed News. “Really show somebody who is struggling with this part of his life and reconciling it with the combination of what it takes to be an elite level athlete and how that concentration makes you to block out and ignore real questions that you have about yourself and about the life you’re living.”

Although, he added, Nate won’t be coming out to his friends and family any time soon on Kingdom, which DirecTV picked up for 20 more episodes (the network will split them into two 10-episode runs, with the first premiering in spring 2015). “Just because we’ve seen a truth about Nate doesn’t mean anyone else has,” Balasco said. “The bigger issue for Nate is not what everybody else will think but his perception of what everybody else is going to think.”

While the audience will have to wait and see how the Kulina family reacts to Nate being gay, Jonas’ family was nothing but supportive of the role. “Their reaction was incredible,” said Jonas, the third of four boys and the son of an ordained minister. “My family was really proud of me for getting this role and they were excited for me to tell this story — especially because it’s so important.”

Jonas is also keenly aware that for his fans — amassed during years of performing with The Jonas Brothers and solidified with his new solo album, Nick Jonas — Nate’s coming out story could be very influential. “I’ve really been trying to make an effort to talk with my gay fan base and find unique opportunities to set up the next chapter of my life and my career with them in it,” said Jonas, who’s recently performed at gay clubs and made headlines with Marky Mark-esque photoshoots. “The attitude I take in the stories I want to share and my personal life and my view is that I think we’re in a time where there’s a new progression. For all people of all walks of life to accept all people … I’d be thrilled if I’m any part of that.”

Jonas added that working on Kingdom, his most high-profile adult role, has been an invaluable experience, as an actor. “The biggest thing I’ve learned through this is that you can’t have any fear when you’re acting. Any ounce of fear will show,” he said. “You just have to become that person and live that life. I love that process and pushing myself in that way. I found that really rewarding in the end … I’m absolutely willing to go anywhere the story needs to go.”

And that openness extends to Jonas’ feelings about filming a gay love scene (a likelihood given the graphic sex scenes Kingdom featured in Season 1). “I have trust in Byron and the writing team to tell these stories in a really honest and grounded way and it’s my responsibility as an actor to be that person and tell those stories the best I can,” Jonas said. “So, absolutely I will do all I need to do.”

Balasco, who is currently working on the next handful of episodes, couldn’t reveal exactly what Kingdom viewers would see next, but he did offer a hint at what’s to come. “All of our characters are fighting for survival, fighting to understand who they are, fighting to understand their significance in the world,” he said. “You always think everybody is thinking about you all the time, but the truth is, nobody’s thinking about you — period. Your sexuality isn’t as earth shattering to the other guy in the gym as you think it is, but it’s scary to actually find out that answer.”

Jonas is in the dark about what the next stretches of episodes have in store for Nate, but he would love to see his character find self-love. “I think it would be ideal if Nate could just live in his truth and be exactly who he needs to be and be OK with it, but the reality is that, for him specifically, it’s tough,” Jonas said. “There’s a journey he has to go on, and I hold that with a lot of responsibility and I’m thrilled to get to tell this story.”

Source: Buzzfeed