[UPDATE] Nick’s Next Gig: Demi Lovato’s Musical and Creative Director


With the Jonas Brothers now a thing of the past, Nick Jonas has accepted a day job: He’s the Musical and Creative Director of Demi Lovato’s Neon Lights tour, which kicks off February 9th in Vancouver, British Columbia. “I’m overseeing video content, wardrobe, lighting and staging,” he tells Rolling Stone. “And then I’m extending into the musical side of things, which includes creating the arrangements for the songs. I’m building what Demi wanted, which is a show without stops and starts.”

Jonas began working on the tour a few months ago, right around the same time the Jonas Brothers announced their split. “Demi and I have the same manager,” Jonas explains. “I was immediately excited when I was offered the position. The relationship that Demi and I had over eight years really gives me the insight into how to best communicate with her and her team.”

The show will feature songs from all four of Lovato’s studio albums, going back to 2008’s Don’t Forget. “I’ve been in rehearsals with the band for the last two weeks,” he says. “The biggest challenge has been just trying to rethink some of the music and see how we could compliment it with lights and video. I sat down with the band and said to them, ‘You need to step into this like it’s a new gig. None of these arrangements are going to sound like the originals, so you need to have an open mind.'”

Rehearsals were held in Los Angeles over the last few weeks and the whole team is about to head up to Vancouver to prep for opening night. “I won’t be at every single show,” he says. “I’ll get the tour up and running, make sure it’s running smoothly, and then check in every few weeks.”

Once the tour gets off the ground, Jonas will turn his attention towards his upcoming solo project. “Some of it is done and ready to be released,” he says. “I’ve got a lot of things in the pipeline right now and I’m waiting to release some news about my music and my next steps. It isn’t quite locked in yet, but I have started making some music and now it’s all about lining up the pieces.”

The Jonas Brothers have only officially been apart for four months, but there’s no desire to even talk about any sort of future reunion. “At this moment we’re all focusing on ourselves and the things we want to accomplish,” he says. “That’s especially true with Kevin, whose wife just gave birth. That’s a major life change for him and a priority. Joe and I are really excited for him as well as the music we’re making. I can’t say that I know when [we might reunite] because there’s lots of excitement about what we’re making as individuals.”

Source: Rolling Stone

[UPDATE] Men’s Fitness: Nick Jonas Workout


What was the secret formula to Nick Jonas’ fitness success? We tracked down his trainer, Gregg Miele, for the go-to route that got him big and ripped.


Reps: 8-15 each exercise

1. Quad Mill Eccentric Squats

Stand on the platform in its lowest position with feet shoulder-width apart. Allow your body to move naturally through a squatting motion with the platform, making sure your head does not change levels. A regular squat works if there is no Quad Mill.

2. Pullup with Grip Variations

Hang from a pullup bar with a palms-down grip, squeeze your glutes and cross your legs behind you, and pull your shoulder blades down and back. This is the start position. Pull yourself up so your collarbone is in line with the bar and slowly lower yourself back down to the start position. Change your grip each round.

3. Prowler Push

Load up a Prowler sled and push it with straight arms, driving your toes into the floor.

4. Renegade Overhead Press

Place one end of a barbell in a landmine station, load up the other end, and outfit it with a renegade attachment. Perform shoulder presses with your hands facing each other. Dumbbells also work for this.

5. Tyler Grip Dumbbell Curl Variations*

Outfit a pair of dumbbells with Fat Gripz (a towel wrapped around the handle works, too). Holding the dumbbells at your sides, keep your upper arms stationary and curl the weight.

6. VertiMax Lifts

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart on a VertiMax station and reach across your body with your right hand and grasp the resistance band by your left foot, right thumb pointing backward. Keep your arm straight and raise it so that it ends up next to your right ear, thumb pointed backward. Repeat on the opposite side. Standing on a resistance band works as well.

7. Jacob’s Ladder

Set up in a Jacob’s Ladder and climb for 200 feet.

Repeat for three rounds

Source: Men’s Fitness

[GALLERY UPDATE] Joe’s latest Instagram photo

I’ve added Joe’s latest Instagram post. I swear, he has the weirdest sense of humour. I’ll be adding all of Joe’s Instagram photos to the gallery soon, he just has so many photos to save. (Urgh) Anyway, check out the photo in the gallery.


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R.I.P Jerry Miller.

BfKXT-ECEAA3iSL.jpg large

Honestly, I cannot believe this is happening. Papa Jerry was a fighter, an inspiration and he had a massive heart. He was loved by every single Jonas fan, and every single member of the Jonas family. When we found out he beat cancer, we all cheered and were so happy for him. I know that he’s looking down on Kevin, Joe, Nick, Frankie, Denise, Mama Fran and Mr. Jonas, and also, baby girl Jonas. He is going to be missed dearly. We’re also going to love you, Papa Jerry. Our hearts are breaking hearing this news. Our love and prayers go out to the Jonas/Miller family at this difficult time.



I’ve added HQ scans of Joe’s album “Fastlife”. I’ve also added scans of his single “Just in Love” featuring Lil Wayne. These are my scans so credit if you’re using. Check them out in the gallery.


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I’ve added HQ scans of Nick’s album “Who I Am”. These are my scans so please credit if using. Check them out in the gallery.


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