JonasBrothersDaily was started on the 28th of July 2013 by Eliza, with the help of her friend Laura ( Eliza always supplied news, photos, interviews, videos etc on her Twitter, and has been providing the latest Jonas Brothers news for almost 5 years. She contacted her friend Laura on what it’s like to have her own website and hoping she would help her set one up and be supportive of her. Laura currently adds exclusive HQ candids, photoshoots, appearances of the Jonas Brothers to our Gallery, which is slowly becoming very strong.

The Jonas Brothers’ manager and father, Kevin Jonas Sr. knows about Eliza and her hard work on updating about the boys as a band, and separately, as Olivia Somerlyn has told her. As there is other big fan sites about the Jonas Brothers such as and, we’re hoping we can be exactly like them and provide you guys with the latest news about the Jonas family as long as possible.